Greenland Halibut

Reinhardtius Hippoglossoides

Greenland Halibut is caught along the continental shelf of Norway. It is a deepwater fish distributed mostly from 200 to 1600 m. The pure and cold seawaters in northern Norway is the perfect area for the Greenland Halibut.


An Arctic fish with a limited fishery

Greenland Halibut is also called Black Halibut. Our Greenland Halibut is caught by the coastal fleet consisting mainly of longliners. The fishery is limited to the period of June to August and takes place in northern Norway. It is an Arctic fish not found in waters above 4 Celcius, and the cold and pure waters of northern Norway is perfect for the Greenland Halibut. It has a white flesh suitable for fresh and as smoked.


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Want to know more about our Greenland Halibut?