Melanogrammus Aeglefinus

In the arctic waters of Norway, a small boat with a fisherman is battering its way through the waves to get the lines he angelled and placed last night. He knows this waters as well as his ancestors did, and carries on a cultural heritage.

The fishery of Haddock has long traditions in Norway. Our speciality is the Haddock caught by dayboats, such as longline and handline.



Our Haddock comes from the coastal fisheries such as longliners and seiners; a sustainable fishery with long traditions in Norway. The long line vessels are small to medium sized boats; many with only one or two fishermen pr boat. The long line baiting is done by hand, and the Haddock is caught in short distance to the plants - only hours from catch to landing.

We work closely with the fishermen and the plants to adapt and improve quality continously. For us it is not only about quality - it is a respect and passion for the queen of fishes - the arctic Haddock!

We offer a variety of haddock products; whole, fillets and loins.


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Want to know more about our Haddock?